Emiquon Preserve & The Emiquon National Wildlife Refuge

The Illinois River Biological Station is a proud partner with The Nature Conservancy’s Emiquon Preserve and the Emiquon National Wildlife Refuge. For current information about the research being conducted at the Emiquon Complex, hunting and fishing rules and regulations and upcoming events, please visit TNC’s Emiquon website.

Emiquon Partner members
Emiquon Partnership members from the Illinois Natural History Survey’s Illinois River and Forbes Biological Stations, US Fish and Wildlife’s Illinois Rivers Refuges, University of Illinois Springfield’s Therkildsen Field Station, Dickson Mounds Museum, and The Nature Conservancy at the second annual partnership cookout. Special guests included Dr. Mark Ryan (executive director of the University of Illinois Prairie Research Institute), Dr. Eric Schauber (director and principal scientist of the Illinois Natural History Survey) and Havana Mayor Brenda Stadsholt.
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