Help support the Illinois River Biological Station’s mission!

The Illinois and Mississippi rivers are treasured resources that support recreation, hunting, fishing, and a way of life for many people throughout the country. Preserving and managing these precious resources is no easy task, but your donation can help and reflect an admiration and thoughtful stewardship for this treasured system!

As scientists, we are impassioned and committed to maintaining the integrity of this unique ecosystem through research, management, outreach, and monitoring. Your donation can help support our mission through one of several possible ways, including:

Funding for outreach: Dedicated outreach professionals and displays to educate and share our passion for the natural history and ecology of our rivers within our local communities, our region, and our state.

Funding for infrastructure and sustainable technology: As our research team grows and we are threatened by an increase in the frequency and magnitude of flooding at our current facility, we are exploring options to increase our capabilities and improve our environmental footprint.  To support our environmentally conscious mission and as stewards of our natural resources, we would seek to construct a new building from recycled materials and incorporate renewable and sustainable energy technology and practices (photovoltaic, geothermal, double/triple insulation, rain-water capture, etc.) to work towards net zero energy consumption.   This vision would not only support our research endeavors but would also provide opportunities for community and visitor engagement through educational displays and aquaria.

Funding for field station operating costs: The costs of operating a field station can be high and much of the funding we receive goes directly towards the science.  Therefore, general operating costs can often be difficult to procure.

Field Station innovation: The equipment and precision of instruments used for research and to monitor our resources is constantly evolving. Access to state-of-the-art equipment is needed to make the most informed decisions in the adaptive management of our aquatic communities.

“When protected, rivers serve as visible symbols of the care we take as temporary inhabitants and full-time stewards of a living, profoundly beautiful heritage of nature.” — (John Echeverria, Pope Barrow, Richard Roos Collins, Rivers at Risk: The Concerned Citizen’s Guide to Hydropower)

Please click the image below to contribute to the Illinois River Biological Station Gift and Enrichment Fund. You will be directed to the University of Illinois Foundation’s secure Online Giving site to enter your personal information, as well as receive the appropriate tax-deductible receipt. We thank you for your support!


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